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Chain Link

when it comes to getting the most for your money, chain link fences are the way to go. Tri City Fence Co., Inc. offers a range of chain link options that all provide great results with both price and maintenance. The most affordable of all fencing options, chain link fencing is perfect for both home and commercial use, offering practical solutions for everything from fencing in the backyard to securing industrial property.

You can add additional privacy or style to your chain link with both coatings and slats. Tri City Fence Co., Inc. offers both in a variety of styles and colors. The versatility of chain link fencing means we can keep the cost low while offering options for any type of property, grade or terrain.

Tri City Fence Co., Inc. offers both custom installation, as well as monthly rental to local clients. Get a quote today!

Chain Link Gallery

Protect your family pets with a dog kennel from Tri City Fence Co., Inc. We offer a wide variety of standard sizes for rent and sale. Your kennel can also be custom-made to meet your specific requirements. Because we know how important your pet is to you, we do everything we can to get you exactly what you want. We manufacture and sell the panels, so you may choose to either refer to us for custom installation or do it yourself either way, your kennel will be built just the way you and your dog like it!

Kennels come with standard 4' or 6' high sides and area sizes of 12'x12', 12'x24' and 24'x24. If you have a dog that likes to jump, the 12'x12' and 12'x24' come with the option of top panels to create a totally enclosed pen.

Contact one of our sales representatives for current prices so you can design a kennel for your pet’s needs.