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5 Steps to Building a Great Dog Park

Dog in Park

Building a dog park for your community is a great way to add value to homes and get more people to enjoy the outdoors with their pets and their neighbors. And, for all that you get from it, it's not too difficult an undertaking if you plan things out in advance. So, how can you create a dog park that both owners and their pets will love? Here are five steps you can take.

Choose the Right Spot

Finding a good place to build a dog park is more than just picking out an unused portion of land. It should be easily accessible by members of the community, including having handicap access or nearby parking if you have seniors in the community. But, you don't want it in the middle of heavy traffic that may distract dogs and create conflicts between them.

In addition to a spot that's easy to get to, look for one with good drainage and some overhead cover—often in the form of trees, but also man-made coverings. A gentle slope is fine, as this will make the space more interesting to everyone.

Pick a Good Fence

Many dog parks use clear fencing options like metal or wire. This type of fencing is a good idea because see-through fences allow owners to see who is in the park and avoid surprising dogs as they enter. The fence should be tall enough to contain full-size dogs—often six feet high.

But, don't forget the little ones, too. If you opt for an open metal or wood fence, add a layer of chicken wire or small wire fencing that extends from the ground to about two or three feet up the fence. This will prevent small dogs from getting stuck or escaping. You may even want to create a separate space that's safer for the little dogs.

Talk with a professional fence supplier(Link home) to determine the best options within your budget.

Add a Double Gate

 The park's entrance—or entrances—should be on a wide side of the fence line that has lots of space around it on both sides. Avoid corner entrances, since these could result in dogs feeling "cornered" as they enter or exit. A double gate is the best option for any space that has free roaming pets. What is a double gate? It's simply a gate system that has two entrances—one to the outside and one to the inside—with a space in between that's large enough for the owner and pet to stand comfortably. A double gate ensures that no pets can easily escape as people come and go.

Pick a Flooring

Grass is the most natural surface material for a dog park, but it may call for a lot of maintenance. In addition to suffering from constant trampling, the grass may be harmed by dog urine. And you'll have to keep it neat and well-trimmed. There are several flooring alternatives that are lower maintenance. These include decomposed granite and artificial turf. Avoid mulch and bark, as these could harm the dogs' sensitive pads.

Add Human Comfort

While the dog park is designed to keep four-legged friends happy, don't forget about their owners. Include a place for owners to hang out and relax while the dogs play. This place could be as simple as a bench inside the park, or it could be expanded to a picnic table or small sitting area underneath a shade tree. And, be sure to provide hygiene items for cleaning up after the dogs and disposing of their waste. With more and more urban dwellers wanting to spend time with their beloved pets, adding a dog park to any community is a good investment for everyone. So, whether your budget is large or small, why not get started today?